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AMMI with another ranking for innovation at SIAL PARIS 2022

ammi innovation award sial 2022

The core philosophy of the AMMI brand is continuous development, striving for innovation, and technological progress in the production process. AMMI’s primary goal is to provide natural snack products to consumers whenever or wherever they need them. This tireless process goes beyond the confines of the manufacturing base and seeks the spotlight on the world stages at events such as ANUGA, SIAL, and ISM. All those events are world-renowned exhibitions in the food industry, which have been organized for years and gather manufacturers from all over the world in one place, who annually present their new achievements.

In October 2021, meat snacks won their place among the products honored at the ANUGA taste INNOVATION SHOW. After a detailed study of the applications submitted for the award, the ANUGA taste INNOVATION SHOW jury evaluated a complex of indicators such as raw material, taste qualities, branding, and product application. As a result, the AMMI horse meat bar is recognized as a TOP innovative product /TOP Innovation 2021/.

SIAL Innovation 2022

October is a guiding month for the brand, and ahead of 2022 at SIAL Inspire Food Business, AMMI Meat Snacks was once again honored at SIAL Innovation 2022.

SIAL is the world’s food industry exhibition held in Paris and in 2022 gathered +7200 exhibitors from over 119 countries. Distributed in 21 halls, producers from all over the world presented the latest innovations in the food industry, trends, and alternative and organic products.

The exhibition program includes, in addition to tastings, demonstrations, and interaction between businesses and traders, a competition in which every exhibitor has the right to apply. The AMMI team did not hesitate to position the meat snacks among the others in the competition.

In the SIAL Innovation 2022 ranking, an expert independent jury examines all proposed products, evaluating their specific and innovative qualities, from technology and consumer benefits to packaging. Confident in the clean composition, perfect packaging, and functional application of the product, AMMI snacks are a recognized innovation without analog in the world.

AMMI snacks have no analogs in the world market

When professionals and experts work tirelessly to create the perfect on-the-go meat snack, confidence and success are guaranteed. Therefore, the brand does not aim to be modest and proudly declares that at another world exhibition, customers can find no similar products to AMMI meat snacks.

What sets AMMI products apart from all other high-protein snacks and Porky Poprinds on the world market is:

  • High concentration of natural protein in each snack pack
  • Low content of carbohydrates or any
  • Sugar-free
  • Law salt content
  • Gluten free
  • No flavorings
  • No artificial colors
  • No need for storage with a temperature regime achieved without adding preservatives to the product, but with an oxygen absorber in the package.
  • Up to 93% protein content in AMMI AIR POPPED Porky Poprind
  • Up to 46% protein content in AMMI Meat Bar with pork and cranberries
  • 100% natural
  • Produced with absolute control of the manufacturing process

All of the above is an achievement judged by world leaders in the jury of SIAL Paris, ANUGA, and ISM Cologne. The AMMI team is more than inspired to continue to look for ways to produce products beyond the technologies known to date.


In response to the needs of consumers with a dynamic lifestyle, striving for a healthy diet, and the need to consume natural products, AMMI is ready to respond with a wide range of delicious snacks:

All AMMI snacks are here to serve anyone who needs an extra dose of energy on the go. A snack that you eat without remorse. You may take perfect snacks on the road, in the office, or in the gym. You may take one with you on hiking, among the blue sea horizon, and wherever you feel hungry, but the dynamics take away from your time for the main meal. Snack`n move!

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