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AMMI - на път

About AMMI

Innovative high-protein meat snacks AMMI

Understanding the striving of today’s customer’s needs for a better way of living and eating smart, UNITEMP® has developed an innovative meat snack series under the brand AMMI.

All AMMI products are made from high-quality ingredients and natural supplements rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which not only enhance the useful qualities of the products but also add a unique flavor.

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Benefits for you

The macronutrient protein is the building element of all muscle tissues, cells and organs. Protein is involved in the formation of enzymes, most of them are hormones, hemoglobin and many others, performing important fields in the body of the substance. Proteins also protect the body from infections and help to absorb the vitamins and minerals important to it. Our body can not generate protein by itself and therefore requires additional intake through the food.

Our body needs a serious dose of protein every day for all of our organs to function properly. Protein provides us with energy, participates in building muscle mass, improves brain function, boosts metabolism and helps fight excess weight.

AMMI meat snacks are suitable for people who follow a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free and KETO diet. AMMI products are a natural source of energy and are proper for consumption anywhere and anytime, even by children.

AMMI on the go

Fast food can be good for us when it contains natural ingredients and the most important nutrients. With their high protein content AMMI products are the perfect snack.

When you are on the go add AMMI meat snacks to your luggage. With its high – quality packaging they are well protected and suitable for storage in almost any weather conditions. AMMI products can be opened easily and won’t slow you down on your way to a favorite place. Don’t let anything stop you!

AMMI - В движение с AMMI

AMMI close to you

Look around you! You can find us in the supermarket, online shops, at the gas station, in the small grocery store and at your local gym. Whenever you need a snack on the go that will satisfy your hunger, give you a strong boost of energy with natural protein,  and delight you with its unique taste, get AMMI!