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“Rado Yankov” Cup brings together young snowboarding talents

AMMI - Купа Радо Янков 2022
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Winter sports are an exciting experience for both athletes and the audience. They demonstrate discipline, confidence, and skills that athletes develop with each passing season.

This year, 71 young athletes took part in the “Rado Yankov” 2022 snowboard cup competition. The traditional competition is organized by the best Bulgarian snowboarder Radoslav Yankov.

AMMI - Купа Радо Янков 2022 2AMMI - Купа Радо Янков 2022AMMI - Купа Радо Янков 2022

The competition took place on the “Stenata” track in Pamporovo, and the athletes competed in slalom. Their example in sports Radoslav kept an eye on the track and personally presented the prizes to the winners of the race. In the photos below provided by the Bulgarian Ski Federation, we see the joyful emotions of the day.

The AMMI team is extremely happy and grateful to support the next generations of winners! We are glad that we have the trust of young and experienced athletes, offering them a natural dose of protein. AMMI meat snacks are suitable both for the dynamic process of their preparation and for a snack on the day of the competition.

We wish Rado Yankov high career peaks and an indomitable spirit! And to all young athletes inspired by his success – confidence to move forward to their dreams!

AMMI - Купа Радо Янков 2022



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