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Variety Pack AMMI Meat Bars

10.99 лв.

AMMI protein meat bars, are made from high-quality meat in combination with dried fruits and natural spices.

The package contains 3 pcs. meat bars /3 x 40 g/with three different flavors:

  • Horse Meat Bar with dried tomatoes – contains 17.6 g of protein. The taste of the meat bar is balanced with a slight hint of pepper, and the dried tomatoes add a characteristic density.
  • Beef Meat Bar with goji berriescontain 16g of protein and a wealth of useful substances and antioxidants, thanks to the superfood goji berries. The taste is a balance between sweet and salty.
  • Beef Meat Bar with cranberries – contain 18.4 g of protein. Cranberries add freshness and a touch of sweetness.

Ingredients: up to 87% meat /origin EU/, dried fruits, mixture of natural spices, salt.


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