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AMMI AIR PACK – Meat Slims and AIR-POPPED Porky Poprind

8.00 лв.

AMMI AIR PACK gives you the opportunity to try the newest meat snack products – AMMI Slims and AMMI AIR POPPED Porky Poprind with BBQ and sea salt flavor. What connects them is the innovative AIR-DRIED and AIR-POPPED technologies used in their production.

AMMI AIR POPPED Porky Poprind is the latest high-protein product in the AMMI meat snacks range, made from 100% natural ingredients. Thanks to the improved production technology, the innovative AIR POPPED Porky Poprinds contains 93% protein and significantly less fat than the classic AMMI Porky Poprind.

AMMI Slims are a wonderful high-protein snack made from 100% natural PORK meat in combination with a mix of spices. AMMI Slims are fine meat sticks without casing, dried in a controlled air environment.

  • Gluten free
  • No artificial colors
  • No flavorings

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