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AMMI POWER PACK 10+1 Pork Meat Bar with Cranberries

40.10 лв.

AMMI protein bar made of high-quality PORK in combination with cranberries and natural spices.

The package contains 11 pcs. AMMI Pork Meat Bars with Cranberries.

It contains 18.4 g of protein, which makes it the perfect snack for the moments when you need something nutritious and healthy. Cranberries add freshness and a touch of sweetness.

AMMI meat bars are a preferred product of physically active people and those who follow a high protein, low carbohydrate, and gluten-free diet. They are also suitable for all fans of mountain hikes and outdoor activities, as the meat bars do not require temperature storage.

The high-quality packaging, besides contributing to the premium feeling of consuming the product, also protects it from almost any weather conditions.

Add an AMMI Meat Bar to your backpack, handbag, duffel bag, or even your car boot whenever you need an extra dose of natural protein.

Ingredients: 80% pork meat /EU origin/, cranberries, a mix of natural spices, salt.

  • No preservatives added
  • No colors added
  • No added flavorings
  • No flavor enhancers



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