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AMMI Porky Poprind – Salt and Pepper, 40 g

2.95 лв.

Product Description: Classic, mildly spicy taste, making the perfect combination with your favorite beer or as an addition to culinary products such as salads, instead of breadcrumbs and more.

AMMI PORKY POPRIND is produced from high-quality 100% natural raw materials with full control of the production process. The protein content in the form of collagen is 70%. The product does NOT contain gluten, carbohydrates and sugar.

AMMI PORKY POPRIND is suitable for anyone following a carbohydrate-free or KETO diet.

Snacks that gives you 100% taste pleasure and no guilt!

Ingredients: pork rind /EU origin/, vegetable oil, black pepper, sea salt.

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