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AMMI Porky Poprind – Herbs and Cream, 40 g

2.95 лв.

Product Description: Fresh and rich taste of cream flavored with parsley, wild onion, and garlic.

AMMI PORKY POPRIND is produced from high-quality 100% natural raw materials with full control of the production process. The protein content in the form of collagen is 70%. The product does NOT contain gluten, carbohydrates and sugar.

AMMI PORKY POPRIND is suitable for anyone following a carbohydrate-free or KETO diet.

Snacks that gives you 100% taste pleasure and no guilt!

Ingredients: pork rind /EU origin/, vegetable oil, salt, whey powder*, cream powder*, cheese powder*, mix of natural spices.

*contains LACTOSE

  • No preservatives added
  • No colors added
  • No added flavorings
  • No flavor enhancers
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